5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Attic Today

In a world that is utterly obsessed with fast fashion and dressing to impress we are choosing to overlook the consequences this type of thinking is having on people, local businesses, and our planet. Secondhand clothing stores, like The Attic, are not only helping reduce the build up of textile waste,  but they have  a ton of other great benefits – some that might surprise you.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit The Attic today.


If your closet is bursting and you simply cant find anything in it – then visiting a secondhand or label reseller could be a good idea. Sometimes, we hold on to items because we either paid too much for the buggers and feel bad about throwing them out, or we associate good memories with particular clothes and have attached an emotion or nostalgia to them . Nevertheless, what ever reason your closet is cluttered, a good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in six months for what ever reason you should think about reselling or donating it.

Cleaning out your closet can not only make finding things in the morning easier, but it can also help declutter your life which is the biggest bonus. At the risk of quoting Eminem, tonight you should really clean out your closet.


When it comes to that pricey boutique dress you only wore once or the great sample find that wasn’t really your size, selling your clothes with The Attic, can not only declutter your life but can pad your wallet. Earning money back for your items gives you satisfaction and the opportunity to better invest that money in something else.

Just think how good you will feel when you have a clean, healthy wardrobe and extra cash to spend it on other things you love, like making it hail on a night out. 

3 – Donate and feel good

If you think there is not much to be gained from selling your preloved clothes, then why not donate them instead? We support a ton of great charities including; The SPCA, Women’s Refuge, Breast Cancer just to name a few. Donating is easy. Simply fill out a form and we pick it up and you are done. It won’t complicate your life and will make you feel great.

2 – Grab a bargain

The Warehouse is not the only place where you can grab a bargain you know, The Attic is too. Secondhand clothing stores are renown for unique, high-quality garments at insane prices. 

In a world full of trends, I want to always stay classic


In today’s fast-paced word, clothes can come in and out of fashion very quickly, so it pays to buy a classic.  As Grandma use to tell me, ” they don’t make clothes like they use to dear” and  “classic is always best”, now in my late twenties, I can finally comprehend what she meant.

1- Old is the new black

Another great reason to visit The Attic is because old is the new black. Fast fashion is out and ethical alternatives are in. We cannot continue they way we have been. Things have to change and that change starts with you.  Sustainability starts with you. The Secondhand Clothing industry has come a long way and is evolving every day to give customers the clothes they really want at prices they can afford. Why not give it a go, and join our movement to save the world; one dress at a time.